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Jan 5, 2022

Transboundary waters - the rivers, lakes, and aquifers shared by two or more countries - are found in 153 of the world’s 192 countries. They account for an estimated 60 per cent of global freshwater flow.

As a critical component of our survival, water has long been a source of conflict between nations. The stakes are higher with a rapidly increasing population and threats of water scarcity.

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Aaron Wolf, a trained mediator and facilitator and Professor of Geography in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University, about transboundary cooperation as a useful tool for adaptation. On the Last Word, we hear from Reverend Michelle Singh about the connections between water, faith, and dialogue. Rev. Singh is the Executive Director of Faith & the Common Good, a national interfaith network based in Toronto.